girl doing yoga in the city on a rooftop

How Yoga Impacts Your Health

December 09, 2017

What is yoga?

One notable misconception of yoga is the idea that it’s only about asana – remember those unnatural poses? This wrong premise, unfortunately, limits the benefits one can derive from practicing yoga. 

In reality, yoga seeks to unite the body, mind, and breath – offering immense benefits that far outweigh what we initially thought.

Let’s take a quick look at some major health benefits of yoga:

Yoga helps you lose and maintain your weight

Through regular yoga, you get attuned to your body needs, hence becoming more sensitive to what you feed your body and when you eat – this goes a long way to keep your weight in check.

Kapalbhati and Sun Salutations are well-known yoga poses that help in weight loss.

De-stress yourself through yoga

The daily churn and grind could lead to stress building up pretty quickly in your everyday life. How do you manage this?

Breathing exercises could go a long way in relieving stress and frees both your mind and body. Practice pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation to release the accumulated stress. 

Yoga helps you maintain all-around fitness

Yoga encourages a holistic approach to fitness, with emphasis on postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.

Research has shown that individuals who regularly practice yoga are more likely to be healthier, exhibit more mental strength, and have more physical strength.

Gain peace of mind through yoga

Remember those walks through the parks, gardens or beaches – just to bask in nature and the feeling of calmness that ensues? Although you can’t replace what nature can offer, you can still refresh your body, soul, and mind in an office, room, or wherever you may be without going outside.

All you need to do is take some time to practice yoga. If doing yoga poses in the office is out of the question, you can simply focus on your breath. Moving your attention to your breath, even for just a few seconds, can do wonders to calm a busy mind. 

Helps boost immunity

When you realize there is an intimate connection between body, mind, and spirit and that any misalignment can impact our energy and well-being, then you would seek to maintain perfect harmony between these three.

This search may lead you to take up yoga. Yoga poses strengthen muscles and massage internal organs while breathing techniques and meditation relieves stress and boosts immunity. What is not to like about yoga? The key is to establish a routine and over time you will feel the positive impact yoga has on your mood, health, and overall well-being. 

Yoga helps you remain energetic throughout the day

Faced with energy draining tasks during your day – it could either be physical or emotional. Why not start your day with a quick morning yoga session or take a short break during your busy day. A yoga session is all you need to remain active and super-charged throughout the day.

Don't have time to attend a class? There are many yoga apps and online classes available. Some of them are really good and worth a try. 

Helps you improve your posture

One of the primary causes of chronic back pain is bad posture. Establishing a yoga routine will help strengthen and stretch your muscles. Cobra pose is one of several poses that will help strengthen your back and improve your posture. Give it a try for a few weeks and you will see a difference. 

You want it all – better posture, more energy, increased vitality, and better sleep; no matter what want, establishing a regular yoga practice will help you obtain it.